Policy Implementation

Sustainability Policy

Musim Mas launched its Sustainability Policy in 2014, establishing the framework for our No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) commitments. We have been proactively working in close collaboration with technical consultants Daemeter, Proforest and Earthqualizer to advance and monitor our progress in implementing the Policy.

In September 2020, we updated the Policy, which lays out a renewed and deepened commitment. To read our Sustainability Policy, please click here.

NDP Risk Framework

Our Sustainability Policy applies to our operations and suppliers. Third-party mills are obliged to adhere to our NDPE requirements fully by 2025, as spelled out in our NDPE Roadmap and subject to individual action plans.

Nevertheless, deforestation and peat development risks remain. Thus, we established and developed the No Deforestation, No Peat (NDP) Risk Management Framework in September 2021. It clearly outlines our approaches to risk identification, assessment, mitigation and monitoring.

To read our new NDP Risk Management Framework, please click here.

NDPE Roadmap

We developed a time-bound roadmap to guide measurable actions on the ground, enabling us to track our progress toward our NDPE commitments. To read our Roadmap to a Responsible Supply Base, please click here.

Progress and Milestones

Musim Mas actively communicates our progress and achievements towards meeting our NDPE commitments. This is available in our bi-annual Progress Report (till Dec 2017) and annual Sustainability Reports.

Access our reports here.

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