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Palm wax holds and disperses fragrances better than other types of waxes. Other advantageous qualities include its superior consistency, and higher melting point compared to other waxes.

Palm wax is a desired alternative to paraffin, soy and other waxes. The different grades of palm wax produced by Musim Mas can burn with a bright and stable flame without soot. We formulate our candles to achieve a beautiful and clean satin finish according to the performance and visual requirements specified by customers. Additionally, we support our customers with superior wax blends that meet their requirements.

As a forward-looking company, Musim Mas has invested in a state-of-the-art research laboratory to develop exciting and new products as well as to support our global customers with crucial technical services for their product development needs.

Product Application Process
SM2000 Pillar Moulding
SM2130 Pillar Moulding
SM2132 Pillar Moulding
SM3180 Tea light Filling
SM3288 Decorative jar candle Filling
PSF53 Grave light, Religious 7 days, Lo-boy, Outdoor Filling
SM6060 Grave light, Religious 7 days, Lo-boy, Outdoor Filling
SM6735 Decorative jar candle Filling
SM8270 Decorative jar candle Filling
HPO5532 Pillar Moulding

The list above is merely indicative. As our strength is in customization, our list of products for applications is not exhaustive. We continually work with customers to customize waxes for their requirements, including recommending blend ratios and processing conditions to achieve desired performance or characteristics.



Candles are essential for illumination and celebratory purposes. Used in celebrations and ceremonies, candles are valued for their ability to moderate moods and lift the human spirit. In pragmatic applications, candles are essential for heat, light or even as a method of keeping time.

The candles we produce (Popular Candles) are clean-burning, not dipped, well-constructed, unscented and un-dyed. Hence, they produce less particulate matter and is safer for health. They also have longer burning hours.

Variants Packaging Quantity Per 20′ FCL
d = ± 1.3 cm, I = 20 cm 8 pcs/pack, 65 packs/ctn 1,310 (ctns)
d = ± 1.4 cm, I = 12 cm 8 pcs/pack, 60 packs/ctn 1,719 (ctns)
d = ± 1.7 cm, I = 20 cm 8 pcs/pack, 30 DB/ctn 1,360 (ctns)

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