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Enhancing Accountability: Musim Mas’ Grievance Mechanism

Following the launch of Musim Mas’ Sustainability Policy in December 2014, we recognized the vital importance of establishing a transparent and accountable Grievance Mechanism to effectively address and resolve any concerns raised against the implementation of our policy of No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE).

In 2016, Musim Mas introduced the Grievance Mechanism, opening the doors for all stakeholders, including our employees, local communities, and NGOs, to report any issues within our operations and throughout our supply chain. We deeply respect and safeguard the anonymity of the complainants to prevent any potential conflicts or reprisals. Grievance raisers can provide information anonymously through a form on our website, by letter, or via SMS.

Musim Mas remains committed to continually enhancing our grievance-reporting process to ensure it is as comprehensive as possible. We wholeheartedly welcome any feedback that can aid us in our quest for continuous improvement.

Grievance Mechanism

This mechanism outlines our process for receiving, verifying, and addressing all grievances raised against us or our suppliers.


Workers’ Access to Grievance Mechanism

All employees can file complaints through our whistleblowing procedure, which guarantees anonymity, creating a safe avenue for grievances to be raised without​ fear of reprisal or dismissal.

Grievance Resolution Process for Suppliers via Controlled Purchase Protocol

Grievances filed on or after January 2020 will be subject to our Controlled Purchase Protocol (CPP), a complaints resolution process designed to foster continued business relationships for suppliers who demonstrate progress.

Grievance Cases

We aim to resolve external complaints and grievances in an accessible, effective, timely, and​ appropriate manner.

To view our grievance log, click:


Channel for All Stakeholders to Lodge a Complaint

All stakeholders, including employees, can file complaints through our whistleblowing procedure. To lodge a complaint, click the “Learn More” button below.