Following the launch of Musim Mas’ Sustainability Policy in December 2014, we recognised the importance of establishing a transparent and accountable Grievance Mechanism to address and resolve any grievances raised against the implementation of our No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE) Policy effectively.

Musim Mas introduced the Grievance Mechanism in 2016 to allow all stakeholders – our employees, local communities and NGOs to report any issues in our own operations and throughout our supply chain. We respect and protect the anonymity of the complainants to prevent any potential conflict or reprisal. Grievance Raisers may provide information anonymously using a form on our website, by letter or by SMS.

Musim Mas continuously improve our grievance-reporting to be more comprehensive to ensure stakeholders are kept informed. We welcome any feedback for improvement.

This mechanism outlines our process for receiving, verifying and addressing all grievances raised against us or our suppliers.

All incoming grievances are divided into two main categories: Compliance Grievances and Dispute Grievances. Compliance Grievances may involve breaches of our Sustainability Policy, the RSPO Standards and/or the POIG Charter and Dispute Grievances may involve conflicts between two or more parties.

Compliance Grievances Dispute Grievances
Against Musim Mas Group Against Musim Mas Group
Against Third-party Suppliers Against Third-party Suppliers

Under regular business relations, we require our suppliers to undergo regular monitoring and constant engagement to ensure progress on their roadmaps. However, if there is a confirmed non-compliance, we will activate our Grievance Mechanism to resolve the grievance swiftly and effectively.

To better manage our cases on grievances, we have developed a Controlled Purchase Protocol (CPP). It helps us identify if the measures taken towards suppliers are effective and monitor the progress of their action plan to resolve the grievance.

Under our updated CPP released in January 2020, an opportunity is provided to our suppliers to work towards addressing a grievance while maintaining business relations with Musim Mas. However, failure to adhere to the above principles will lead to cessation of business. Suppliers will exit the CPP once all conditions and actions to resolve the grievance are met and normal business relations resume.

We believe that continued engagement with these suppliers is important for sector transformation. Strong supplier relations form the basis of the CPP, on which we leverage on to help in the resolution of grievances.

Please click here to view our Grievance Log/Grievance Cases.

If you have any complaints you’d like to bring up, please take the time to fill up the form in the link below:

I Want to Lodge a Complaint

Channels of Lodging a Complaint

Website submission Please click here to use the online form.
By Email
By Fax (62) 61 6613060
In Writing
150 Beach Road, Level 24, Gateway West, Singapore 189720
Attn: Corporate Communications Department (Grievance Coordinator)

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