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What is Controlled Purchase Protocol?

Controlled Purchase Protocol (CPP) is a strategic framework to address grievances and ensure supplier compliance effectively. It works by providing a structured process for evaluating the measures taken by suppliers and monitoring the progress of their action plans to resolve grievances swiftly.

Under the CPP, suppliers are given the opportunity to address grievances while maintaining their business relations with Musim Mas. However, failure to adhere to the outlined principles may lead to the suspension of business activities.

Once all required conditions and actions are met, normal business relations can resume. This proactive approach ensures transparency, accountability, and continued engagement to drive sector transformation within our supply chain.

We believe that continued engagement with these suppliers is essential for sector transformation. Strong supplier relations form the basis of the CPP, which we leverage to help in the resolution of grievances.

Controlled Purchase Protocol Guiding Principles

Our Controlled Purchase Protocol (CPP) operates under three fundamental principles:

  1. Willingness to Engage: Suppliers demonstrate their intent to engage and a genuine commitment to understanding and addressing the root causes of grievances.
  2. Positivity to Act: Suppliers allocate sufficient resources to address grievances and can showcase the highest level of management commitment to the resolution process.
  3. Demonstrating Progress: Suppliers provide regular progress reports, ensuring transparency, and accountability, against the agreed milestones and criteria. 

Integration of Supplier Engagement, the CPP, and the Grievance Procedure

Controlled Purchase Protocol Document

For more details of our approach to supplier engagement, our conditions for cessation of business, and re-entry criteria, please refer to our Controlled Purchase Protocol (CPP) document here