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What is NDPE Implementation Reporting Framework?

Since 2019, we use the industry-leading NDPE Implementation Reporting Framework (IRF) reporting tool to systematically assess our supplying mills’ progress on implementing industry No Deforestation and No Peat commitments and classifying them into one of six categories: Unknown, Known, Awareness, Commitments and Starting Action, Progressing, and Delivering.

Using a consistent framework for reporting on commitments and activities allow Musim Mas and the palm oil industry to understand what is required to deliver commitments, monitor their progress, identify gaps, and drive improvement. We also see the NDPE IRF as a way for the industry to identify and address the challenges faced by suppliers and avoid using the assessment process to cherry-pick or ‘green-pick’ suppliers.

Supplier Progress on NDP Commitments

Musim Mas has achieved high levels of traceability by successfully collecting the required data for NDPE IRF reporting from our supply base through our supplier monitoring and engagement programs.

We know that 95.0% of the total volumes sourced in 2023 were “Delivering” on their No Deforestation commitments, and 95.7% were “Delivering” on their No Peat commitments.

Over the past two years, more suppliers moved from the “Commitments and starting action” category to the “Progressing” and “Delivering” categories. We aim to have 100% of suppliers “Delivering” on their NDPE commitments by 2025 and are collaborating with them through our landscape initiatives and Smallholders Hubs to achieve this objective.

Control Union (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. verifies our NDPE IRF Reporting. You can find our No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation Implementation Reporting Framework (NDPE IRF) verification statement here.

IRF Profile by Facilities

We maintain 100% completion of NDPE IRF for all facilities, which is available in the map below.  

    • Musim Mas (Dongguan) Oils & Fats Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Musim Mas (Tianjin) Oils & Fats Co., Ltd.
    • Musim Mas (Zhenjiang) Oils & Fats Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • South India Krishna Oil & Fats Pvt. Ltd. - Andhra Pradesh
    • Tvarur Oils & Fats Pvt. Ltd.
    • Agro Makmur Raya - Bitung
    • Agro Makmur Raya - Madidir
    • Berkat Sawit Sejati - Tanjung Api Api
    • Guntung Idamannusa
    • Indokarya Internusa - Palembang
    • Inti Benua Perkasatama - Lubuk Gaung, Dumai
    • Inti Benua Perkasatama - Pelabuhan, Dumai
    • Megasurya Mas - Surabaya
    • Mikie Oleo Nabati Industri - Bekasi
    • Musim Mas - Batam
    • Musim Mas - Belawan
    • Musim Mas - Pelalawan
    • Musim Mas KIM 1
    • Musim Mas KIM 2
    • Sukajadi Sawit Mekar - Bagendang
    • Sukajadi Sawit Mekar - Sebabi
    • Wira Inno Mas - Padang
    • Musim Mastika Oils & Fats (M) Sdn. Bhd. - Johor Malaysia
    • Masol Iberia Biofuel S.L.U. - Castellón
    • North Continental Oils and Fats Vietnam Company Limited