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Biodiesel is an essential biofuel used in the global transportation sector. Musim Mas produces environmentally friendly palm oil-based biodiesel that has achieved various certifications for sustainability.

Our Biofuels are obtained from renewable natural resources, and are viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Palm-based biodiesel can be used in internal combustion engines without any modification needed for said engines. Typically, it is known as methyl esters derived from palm oil by a process known as ‘transesterification.’

Unlike conventional diesel from petroleum, palm methyl ester contains less soot and sulphur, which makes the vehicular emissions more environmentally friendly.

In addition to normal-grade palm methyl ester, we can supply low pour-point palm methyl ester.

Palm methyl esters can be blended with rapeseed oil-based or soybean oil-based biodiesel to achieve a better cetane index and improved oxidation stability properties.

The following bodies certify our biodiesel:

  • International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC)
  • Italian National Biofuels and Bioliquids Sustainability Certification System (“Sistema Nazionale di Certificazione della sostenibilità dei biocarburanti e dei bioliquidi”)

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