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Why Have We Updated Our NDPE Roadmap?

We first developed our NDPE Roadmap to Responsible Supply Base in 2019 to keep us on track to meet our supply chain commitments. It was designed to meet stakeholder needs at the time, but we have since grown and adapted our approach based on methods and processes for supplier engagement along the way.

In 2022, we updated our NDPE Roadmap to Responsible Supply Base 2025 to reflect the situation on the ground and evolving stakeholder expectations. This revision incorporates the latest developments from our updated Sustainability Policy and landscape strategies. The roadmap also include targets for our entire supply base and not just focused on suppliers.

Roadmap to Responsible Supply Base 2025:

Our new Sustainability Roadmap 2025 aligns with the four pillars of Musim Mas Sustainability Policy.

*Per December 2022, we have achieved 97% Traceability to Plantation. This is independently verified by Control Union.