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Originating as the Nam Cheong Soap Factory in 1932, Musim Mas has a strong heritage in soap making. With more than 70 years of experience and a vertically integrated supply chain, we are able to manufacture high quality consumer packaged soaps.

Musim Mas soaps are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Through the years, our consumer-packaged soap business products have grown to fulfill a wide range of applications including medical, household, other specialties, and customizable applications for personal use.

Our pride and joy are brands such as Medicare, Lark, Lervia and Harmony, which are soaps for consumers. Additionally, Musim Mas collaborates closely with our customers to produce private label bar soaps and high quality formulations for their needs.

Products Brand Name
Antiseptic Soap
Antiseptic Soap
Beauty Soap
Fruity Soap
Health Soap
Hotel Soap
Milk Soap
Milk Shower Gel
Milk Lotion
Handwash Soap Antiseptic
Handwash Soap
Hand Sanitizer Gel
Hand Sanitizer Liquid

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