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Musim Mas, along with our subsidiary company ICOF, is a trusted supplier of oils and fats throughout the ruminant and monogastric feed industries.

A balanced feed using high-quality fatty acids is essential in maintaining and improving herd health and pushing the boundaries on milk constituent production.

Our MaxiFat® and Goldbeads® range of rumen-protected fats provide high-energy solutions to improve milk quality, butterfat content, body conditioning, and improved fertility. From 99% free fatty acids through to balancing triglycerides, we offer a full suite of feeding solutions. All are high quality C16 fatty acids tailored to meet the needs of our customers and their livestock.

Our products are available in beads (prills), flakes, and in liquid form, with both 650kg net tote bags and 25kg net paper bags.

MaxiFat® 99% FFA with a minimum C16 content of 85%
MaxiFat+® 99% FFA with a minimum C16 content of 98%
MaxiFat® CS 82.5% Minimum Fat
MaxiFat®-T16 71-76% C16 in triglyceride form

Offering essential and high-value nutrition for pigs and poultry, find out how our medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and natural Vitamin E can support your feeding program.

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