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Our blends consist of Emulsifiers and Hydrocolloids to provide emulsification, stabilization, viscosity and mouthfeel to various food and beverage products. Explore our customizable range of blends for your application.

MASBLEN® is a range of blends that incorporate selected emulsifiers and stabilizers into functional systems addressing emulsification and stabilization requirements in various food and beverage market segments.

Our customized blends serve as functional systems to help our customers shorten their product development cycles while creating great tasting products for their market needs. MASBLEN® is targeted at beverage, dairy, and frozen desserts market segments.

Customers will also be able to work with our product development team to tailor-make customer specific blends for their unique requirements.

Our sales and application teams are ready to discuss, support, and provide solutions for your next generation product development with MASBLEN®.

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