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A type of fatty acid with health benefits, our Medium-Chain Triglycerides are directly sourced and extracted from Palm Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil.

Sold under our MASESTER® MCT brand, it provides a unique range of medium-chain triglycerides that are used in a variety of applications ranging from flavors and fragrances, nutrition, diet, health supplements, energy drinks, diet control, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. Our MCTs are produced through a unique process without using any catalysts and are typically odorless and tasteless.

Our commercial MCTs are available as different grades depending on the ratio of Caprylic (C8)/Capric (C10) acids. We offer MCTs made from both coconut and palm.

The following grades are available based on the percentage of C8 in the MCTs: – 99% C8; 98% C8; 95% C8; 70% C8; 60% C8 – the balance percentage being C10.

The MASESTER® MCTs range also complies with USP, BP, and EP requirements; they are Kosher for Passover, Halal, and Project Verified Non-GMO.

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