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Our margarine products are an essential spread used for flavoring, baking, and cooking applications as a vegetarian substitute for butter.

It is produced from high-quality refined palm oil in a state-of-the-art facility that has attained HACCP certification. These quality margarine products come in practical, economical, and hygienic packaging for use in many purposes for our customers.

Product Brand Application
Margarine Margareta® Baking, Cooking, Stir Frying
Baking, Cooking
Margarine Voila® Baking, Cooking, Stir Frying
Product Brand Application
Bakery Shortenings, Confectionary Fats / Frozen Desert Fats / Lauric based Coating Fats / Non-Dairy Creams Gold Bake Ruby Center filling and Soft Biscuits
Gold Bake Emerald® Breads / Buns/ Rusks & Hard Biscuits
Gold Puff® Puffs and Kharis
Gold Bake Diamond® Premium Biscuits, Cookies and especially for Osmania Biscuits (tea time biscuits)
Gold Short® Hard Breads / Biscuits
Gold Brite® Center filling / Creaming
Gold Kote® 380 Enrobing / Whipping cream / Confectionery and Wafer Coating
Goldivia® 34PL (CBR) Confectionery / Wafer coating
Goldchoc® 555 (CBS) Confectionery / Moulded Chocolates
Livvy Margarine® Cakes and Pastries
Gold Bake® Cream Icing and Cream
Gold Ice® 45/Gold Ice® Frozen Dessert

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