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Musim Mas manufactures a wide range of specialty fats to meet the needs of the bakery, dairy, and confectionery industries worldwide and customizes fats to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Specialty Fats represent a crucial ingredient in the Food & Beverage industry, especially for Consumer Packaged Goods. The following are applications Musim Mas delivers for:

Product Description Brand Application
Cocoa Butter Equivalent CBE Choco® Chocolate molding and confectionery fat
Cocoa Butter Replacer CBR Choco® Chocolate coating and confectionery fat
Cocoa Butter Substitute Goldchoc® Chocolate molding, and confectionery fat
Goldfiller® Chocolate coating, filling, and confectionery fat
Goldkote® Chocolate coating and confectionery fat
Inter-esterified Fat (Low Trans) Goldivia® Confectionery coating fat, confectionery creaming fat, confectionery fat, filling fat, soft chocolate, and margarine
Lauric Confectionery Fat Goldice® Ice cream and coating
Non-lauric Filling Fat Goldein®, MM Fill Wafer filling
Non-lauric Filling Fat Chocoxan™ Chocolate filling
Shortening And Frying Fat Goldshort®, Goldfry® Baking and frying
High Melting Fat Goldbeads® Confectionery hard fat, bakery improver, and crystal promoter
Spread Fat Goldspread® Chocolate spread
Milk Fat Replacer Goldtek® Milk Fat Replacer
Human Milk Fat Replacer MM-HMFR 52™ Essential nutrition

Customer care is our top priority. With that in mind, Musim Mas has state-of-the-art research laboratories and application pilot plants in Singapore and Indonesia (accredited by the National Accreditation Body of Indonesia) to provide better support and interactive training to customers in various aspects of food applications.

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