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All over the world, the ZAKURO® bleaching earth brand has developed outstanding reputation for its efficacy in removing impurities from oils prior to its final applications.

Used in a variety of industries ranging from edible oils, biofuels, and paraffin wax, we have a broad suite of natural and activated bleaching clays. With notable efficacy, our brand, ZAKURO®, has earned outstanding reputation for its effectiveness in purifying oils and fats before their final applications.

The key to the superior performance of our bleaching earth lies in the controlled manufacture of the clay. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge, utilizing stringent quality measures to identify suitable clay deposits. These varieties of carefully selected, highly adsorptive natural minerals are used in our ZAKURO® brand and ensure consistency.

The broad ZAKURO® product range provides natural and activated bleaching clays which are able to gently remove pigments, gums, and other substances that can unfavorably affect the appearance, taste, odor, and shelf life of edible oils. Our key raw material, calcium bentonite, is carefully selected to ensure the consistent and superior performance expected from our bleaching earth.

With our state-of-the-art production facilities in Indonesia and a global network, we are well-positioned to provide you with worldwide coverage and a local partner’s supply reliability.

Let us partner with you, and develop optimized solutions for your edible oils and biofuel purification needs. At Musim Mas, we pride ourselves on having the right product solutions for today’s industry and of continuing our investment in developing new solutions to purify edible oils or biofuels in the future.

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