NDPE Policy

At the heart of Musim Mas’ Sustainability Strategy is our Sustainability Policy.

Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy covers our entire global operations, including that of our third-party suppliers. First launched in 2014, the Policy established the framework for our no deforestation, no peat and no exploitation (NDPE) commitments.

In September 2020, Musim Mas updated the Policy, which lays out a renewed and deepened commitment to improving the livelihoods of smallholders, workers, and communities; while maintaining a strict stance on NDPE. The new Policy focuses primarily on our suppliers and aims to strengthen the sustainability of small and mid-sized supplier groups and the smallholders. We will continue to track our progress against the Supplier NDPE Roadmap, and report these through public platforms such as the Sustainability Reports.

Musim Mas will also continue to improve our sustainability practices and will remain an industry leader in innovation by participating in the continuous improvement of standards, monitoring systems, and applied research.

The following are the key pillars of our Policy, which rest on the core components of sustainability – people, planet, and profit.

To read our new five-year Sustainability Policy (2020-2025), please click here. To read our Policy FAQs, click here.

If you have more questions about our Policy, please click here.

Our Ambition

Our efforts to transform the industry can be summarized into a three-tier model of strategies.


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