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Solidarity in Crisis

COVID-19 has presented the toughest challenge in a generation to governments, healthcare, and people worldwide. We understand that in the midst of this crisis, it is crucial that you have a partner you can count on to continue your operations and help you respond to the unique demands that you may be facing. We have undertaken proactive measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and local communities as we fulfill our commitments to our customers and partners. Our leadership team is continuously assessing and appropriately responding to the crisis as it unfolds, and we recognize that we all have an important part as a supplier and a global citizen. Therefore we have adopted a three-pronged approach to tackle this pandemic. For more information, please refer to the news content on the right.

Supply Chain Stories

How our three pronged approach is being implemented:

Stepping Up To Protect Fellow Colleagues Against COVID-19 in Plantations and Mills
For Fina Rachmawaty, it takes some effort to get used to the new COVID-19 measures in the plantation. “Every time I leave my house, I will wear a mask,” says Fina, Head Assistant of Audit and Certification in Musim Mas Group, based in PT Musim Mas Sorek, a subsidiary mill and plantation in Riau, Indonesia. “Personal hygiene is always on my mind, and I frequently wash my hands or use a hand sanitizer.”. More….

Contributing to Europe’s Fight Against COVID-19
As the global COVID-19 situation continues to unfold and questions of global supply integrity for essential items persists, Musim Mas’ three oleochemical plants in Europe has delivered record production volumes for the months of March and April. Mr. Frank Breugelmans, the Managing Director of Maschem B.V, Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V (DGR), and Masphate S.L.U. shares with us how his team are keeping safe yet running at near full capacity. He says, “Since February, we’ve seen up to 65% increase in output. Our people are being stretched, but we are happy to work harder because we know we are contributing to the greater good. More….
Bangun stays home with his family for night prayers and Quran recitals.
How Our Colleagues are Celebrating a Different Kind of Ramadan in the Plantation
With just a few days before one the Muslim holy months of Ramadan ends, Bangun Hapsoro, our manager based in our subsidiary, PT Sukajadi Sawit Mekar, is having his patience tested this year…. more

Safety Reaps Quality Output at our KIM II Facility
The ethical values that a corporation espouses is also shown in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping the largest workforce in Musim Mas safe, whilst contributing to the community has been of humane significance for all of us…. more

Video Stories

A presentation of our various community works in the form of videos.

Our work with the local communities in Indonesia

Knowing that this pandemic could be the sternest test we have faced in a generation, find out how we are helping with the local communities and the local governments in Indonesia.