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By Oskar Song

The ethical values that a corporation espouses is also shown in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping the largest workforce in Musim Mas safe, whilst contributing to the community has been of humane significance for all of us.

Taking care of 2,700 staff over a sprawling 35 hectares in the Kawasan Industri Medan II (KIM II) has been both challenging and rewarding for Mr. Nassir,the Safety, Health & Environment Manager.

Speaking about the measures implemented over the last few months, “We’ve split our workers into two shifts as part of Musim Mas’ three-pronged approach to combat the virus. Like all our other facilities, production levels have been maintained, despite the reduction of on-site staff.”

With half of our staff working off-site at any one time, the use of technology, automation, and process improvements has helped Musim Mas maintain our production levels. Through all of this, coupled with the sacrifices made during Ramadan and over the past few months, Mr. Nassir is mindful of his staff’s physical and mental well-being.

Not taking the comparatively restful COVID-19 situation in Medan for granted, some of the practices that have kept our colleagues safe include:

Maintaining good hygiene
1. Provision of soap, hand sanitizers, and masks for all workers
2. Increased handwashing stations
3. Disinfection of common areas such as buses (twice daily)

Detect and isolate

  1. Mandatory temperature screening
  2. Health declarations
  3. Safe distance planning
  4. Continuous supply through safety measures

Support and proactively collaborate with governments

  1. Collaboration with local governments
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  3. Keeping families of employees safe

Working closely with the other team members to ensure high production quality, Mr. Subra, the Quality Systems Manager shares, “By proactively taking safety measures since the beginning of the outbreak, the health of our staff has paid off through the quality and output we’ve been able to produce these few months.”

The past few months have been fraught with personal sacrifices made by our colleagues from curtailing Ramadan celebrations, to adjusting to production in Europe. Now, the doubling up of efforts by the largest refinery workforce in Indonesia, we are proud of the unsung heroes this pandemic has revealed.