RSPO Roundtable 11

11 Nov 2013 to 14 Nov 2013


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The RSPO Roundtable meeting 11 will be held in Medan, Indonesia. Musim Mas is a key sponsor of the event which will take place between 11 to 14 November 2013. 

Medan is located in North Sumatra, the biggest and oldest oil palm producing province in Indonesia. Over 600 delegates from all over world attended the three-day event.

The theme for this year's Roundtable is 'RSPO 'Standard 2013: Understand. Apply. Embrace', which aims to communicate to RSPO members the organisation’s newly updated Principles & Criteria (P&C), which are revised every five years. The periodic revision will hopefully help the certification scheme address stakeholders’ concerns and enhance continuous support for certified products.

Musim Mas will also contribute 100 kg of certified oil for the food prepared at the conference.

For more information on RT 11, please click here.