Prosper Group/ Far East Holdings Berhad

Far East Holdings Berhad (FEHB) is a publicly-listed company engaged in the cultivation and production of oil palm, headquartered in Kuantan, Malaysia. Prosper Group is one of the two major shareholders of FEHB.

FEHB has a corporate website which can be found here.

1) NGO email sent directly to us (04 September 2017)

2) Greenpeace report titled, “Final Countdown: Now or Never to Reform the Palm Oil Industry” (19 September 2018)

(1) and (2) Alleged deforestation in Papua New Guinea (PNG), by Bewani Oil Palm Plantations (BOPPL) with alleged ownership ties to the Prosper Group of Companies/ Far East Holdings Bhd (1,146 hectares of alleged deforestation since July 2017).

October 2017
We contacted Prosper Group via an official letter to understand and request for information on the ownership of Bewani Oil Palm Plantations.

February 2018
We wrote to Prosper Group again via an official letter to request for a meeting.

May 2018
We met Prosper Group and sought clarifications on the report and their sustainability initiatives. We also await an upcoming meeting with Far East Holdings.

December 2018
Our last purchase date was in December 2018.

October 2017
Prosper Group denied ownership links to the Bewani Oil Palm Plantations and highlighted that the source of information received was inaccurate.

March 2018
Prosper Group wrote to us reiterating that they do not own Bewani Oil Palm Plantations Ltd and have no relations with them.

May 2018
Prosper Group explained the nature of their relationship with Far Eastern Holdings Bhd and stated that they are committed to sustainability and have embarked on obtaining the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil certification.

June 2018
Prosper Group formally informed Musim Mas that they neither have any relationship with the Bewani Oil Palm Plantations Ltd nor do they have any operations, outside of Peninsular Malaysia.

They also confirmed that they have a sustainability policy in place.

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