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Personal Care and Household 

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  • Personal Care - ingredients for producing shampoos, shower foam, bar soaps and cosmetics. 
  • Household - ingredients for producing floor cleaners, detergents, etc. 


  • We provide certified biodiesel that adheres to the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) standard. For more information, please click here


  • Livestock farming – animal feed
  • Food - cooking oils, food emulsifiers for bread, cocoa butter alternatives, nutritional supplements,  margarine, milk powder, etc.


  • Pharmaceutical –  lubricants and emulsifiers for  capsules, surfactants for tablets, carriers for cough medicines, carriers for active ingredients in drips, etc.
  • Agriculture - carriers for pesticides and herbicides.
  • Lubricant - lubricating and drilling fluids for metal working
  • Rubber - cross-linking agent for rubber compounds
  • Plastic - lubricants and antioxidants for plastics
  • Palm oil refinery - bleaching earth