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Diagnostic Report on mill verifications


Since the launch of our Sustainability Policy that extends our commitment to our third-party mills, we have conducted numerous mill verifications as part of our risk assessment on our suppliers.  

Ultimately, mill verifications need to serve a purpose. How can we leverage the knowledge gained from the mill verifications as an input for implementing our No-Deforestation, No-Peat and No-Exploitation (NDPE ) policy on the ground?  

Developed by the CORE team, our diagnostic report on mill verifications aims to provide a clear roadmap on what it means to achieve sustainability transformation in concrete terms. The report provides input that will enable Musim Mas and CORE to develop a strategic approach to address issues raised at a landscape level. The report aims to combine findings from the verification assessments with knowledge of complementary initiatives in each province, as the basis for planning interventions.  

We present our findings in three parts:  
1. Analysis of the level of compliance of the mills against the indicators of the verification checklist, for the first five assessments to date
2. Initial analysis of landscape-level challenges identified by the verifications
3. Brief review of existing initiatives in priority provinces relevant to addressing the identified challenges

To view the Diagnostic report on mill verifications, please click here.