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Grievance Mechanism


As part of our Sustainability Policy published in December 2014 followed by the implementation of our commitments, we undertook to establish a transparent and accountable grievance system as a platform for stakeholders to inform us of issues in our supply chain. The grievance mechanism will provide a systematic and fair approach in the treatment of grievances from the point of receiving the complaints.

Step-wise approach for handling grievances

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Initial Assessment of Grievance

Grievance Categories

Compliance GrievancesDispute Grievances
Against Musim Mas GroupAgainst Musim Mas Group
Against Third-party SuppliersAgainst Third-party Suppliers

Compliance Grievances: involve a breach of our Sustainability policy, RSPO P&C, RSPO Next, and/or the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) charter. 

Dispute Grievances: involve conflicts or disagreements between two or more parties.

Compliance Grievance - Process Flow 


Musim Mas Compliance 

2. Musim Mas Compliance Flowchart.jpg

Third-Party Suppliers Compliance 

3. Suppliers compliance flowchart.jpg

Dispute Grievance - Process Flow


Disputes involving Musim Mas Group 

4. Musim Mas Dispute Flowchart.jpg

Disputes involving Third-party Suppliers

5. Suppliers dispute flowchart.jpg

Channels of Lodging a Complaint

Website submissionPlease click here to use the online form.  
By Emailsustainability@musimmas.com 
By SMS(62) 8116159071
Required information:
(1) Name of Complainant

(2) Name of Musim Mas subsidiary/ third-party supplier/ others whom the complaint is made against.

(3) Key points of complaint
By Phone Call(62) 8116159071
By Fax(62) 61 6613060 
In Writing
150 Beach Road, #28-08 Gateway West, Singapore 189720
Attn: Corporate Communications Department (Grievance Coordinator) 

Grievance Cases

To view a list of outstanding grievance cases and the progress, please click here