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Improving access to safer water with Safe Water Gardens

3 October 2018 | By Stephanie Lim - Iswinarti was relieved that her three children and herself no longer suffered from chronic diarrhea since the wastewater system, Safe Water Gardens (SWG), was installed half a year ago in her house in Kawal village, Bintan, Indonesia. Her relief stems from the worry that 370 children die every day from poor wastewater management in Indonesia... more

Fruits of Our Labour

11 October 2018 | By Yos Kusuma - All parents want the best for their children, regardless of their profession. Parents working in one of the most sought-after commodity in the world, Palm Oil , often have to work in the most remote of places. A research undertaken by UNICEF in 2016 sought to understand the impact of Indonesia’s Palm Oil sector on children’s rights... more

No Small Matter

19 October 2018 | By Yos Kusuma - Meet the Field Assistant - they are fresh graduates, not farmers - but they are teaching experienced farmers how to farm better. They are part of an inspiring effort to improve the operational, and eventually, livelihoods of independent oil palm Smallholders in North Sumatra... more