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Ideal Approach

In the ideal approach, the source of FFBs is traced back to the plantation/farm area owned by the respective smallholders.


Data is gathered from the truck drivers at our mills.


Data is collected at the field from each farmer.


Compiled information is analysed to aggregate FFB volumes from each farmer.


GPS data is mapped.

Supply Shed Approach

To accelerate the traceability process for third-party suppliers, we map smallholders’ villages against a landscape map and prioritize risk areas. We recommend this risk-based methodology for suppliers with limited resources as it is approximately three times faster to implement and costs at least 13 times lesser than the Ideal Approach.


Data is gathered from the truck drivers at our mils. Each farmer is grouped into their village location.


Location of villages is mapped against protected areas. Villages near or overlapping protected areas are prioritized.


Legally status of the farm is studied.


Data is collected from farmers in those high-risk villagers.

Watch the video to learn more about the two approaches:

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