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Singapore, 17 November 2020 – The unease over the pandemic continues as the world faces a second wave of infections as winter nears in the northern hemisphere. At Musim Mas, we have built a solid foundation to meet these challenges and navigate the changes ahead.

Our priority is to ensure our employees, smallholders, and local communities’ safety and well-being while minimizing business disruption. In our plantations, we took swift action and drastically reduced and controlled contact with outsiders while adapting our work practices to protect our employees and their families. On our industrial sites, strict protocols were put in place and improved as best practices evolved. We have even engaged healthcare and infectious disease experts to analyze our safety protocols considering the pandemic. Our people were provided with support to work from home and ensure their protection when in the office.

We have also sought to provide relief to the broader community. We are working with the Government of Indonesia to expand Covid-19 testing availability and contribute money and resources to relief efforts in the geographies where we operate. These efforts are necessary to our operations’ continued viability and ensure that the people and communities that form our business’s backbone continue to be safe and thrive.

Palm oil is an essential ingredient in products and applications critical to our daily lives. As a supplier of sustainable palm oil ingredients, the timely provision of products and services to support efforts is essential to help tackle the pandemic’s impacts and ensure minimal disruption to customers’ supply chains.

Since March, after the World Health Organization characterized Covid-19 as a pandemic, we have learned from our operational experiences in China, Europe, and Indonesia and put a wide-ranging set of measures to tackle the spread of Covid-19 and ensure business continuity.