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Singapore, 05 January 2021 – Regarding the news article published by the Associated Press (AP) dated 28 December 2020, Musim Mas would like to reaffirm its long-standing zero-tolerance policy against exploitation and abuse in its operations and its supply base. We believe in a world where everyone enjoys the right to live their lives free from sexual violence. Exploitation and abuse can take multiple forms and target people regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or ethnic origin. We also believe that children must be allowed to have the opportunity to grow up in an environment enabling their education, so they can realize their potential and become active members of society. We expect our suppliers to share our vision and to uphold the same standards.

As a member of the Palm Oil Innovation Group and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), we are committed to going beyond the legal requirements and being transparent about our policies, current operations, and future work plan. Our policies and practices are aligned with the Free and Fair Labor in Palm Oil Production Principles.

All our suppliers are required to confirm their commitment to Musim Mas’ No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) policy, by either having an internal NDPE policy or by adopting the Musim Mas NDPE policy. Suppliers are regularly engaged and informed on our NDPE policy via our Supplier Workshops. We strive to promote child rights, labor rights, gender equality, and support women’s inclusion in our engagement with our suppliers. 

We continue to mentor our suppliers in understanding and upholding fundamental human rights, in particular child rights. 

We will also continue to work with our employees and other stakeholders to address the situation of vulnerability of some workers. We encourage victims and witnesses to report violations of the nature mentioned in the article, within our operations, and in our supply base.