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The Group Achieved a score of 8.7 in The State of Children’s Rights and Business 2023 Global Benchmark

Singapore, 1 November 2023- The Musim Mas Group scored 8.7 out of 10 in Global Child Forum’s Benchmark, the State of Children’s Rights and Business 2023, placing the group as a leader in the forum’s ranking. With this score, the group ranks No. 2 in the list for the Food, Beverage and Personal Care sector, Agricultural Products industry. Musim Mas’ score exceeds the average score of 4.9.

Since 2013, in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, Global Child Forum has assessed over 3,000 companies globally regarding the company’s policies, monitoring, governance, and reporting on children’s rights based on public information.

Scores are computed in four sub-categories covering Governance and Collaboration and efforts at the Workplace, Marketplace, and Community and Environment. Musim Mas obtained a perfect score of 10 out of 10 for the Workplace sub-category, which assesses policies that create a family-friendly workplace, including for caregivers, having supplier audits, and efforts to prevent or remedy child labour, among others.

Protection of children’s rights has been embedded into the Group’s business strategies and decisions. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is the foundation for child protection and children’s rights within the policy. These commitments are exemplified in the Group’s Sustainability Policy and active participation in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Beyond policies and commitments, the group has procedures in place. This includes procedures to prevent child labour through age checks and access to remedy.

“Musim Mas believes protecting children’s rights to healthcare and education is key to keeping the parents who are our employees happy and reducing turnover in our workforce. We have over 10,300 children of school-going age who live at our group’s plantations and are enrolled in our schools. We are encouraged by our score at the Global Child Forum benchmark and being recognized as a leader. We strive to do even more,” said Olivier Tichit, Director of Sustainability at Musim Mas.

Since the founding of its plantation business, the Group has dedicated infrastructure for the families who live in and around our plantations. Musim Mas has built 48 childcare centers, 10 kindergartens, and 13 schools around its facilities in Indonesia, with scholarships for higher education provided to students who excel in their academic and extracurricular activities. 54 scholarships were disbursed in 2022. Musim Mas’ schools are free for its employees, with free transportation provided. Children from surrounding communities are welcome to attend, too. The Group also provides healthcare and education for new and expecting mothers among its plantation employees, parental leave, and pre and post-natal healthcare services.

About Musim Mas

Musim Mas Group is an integrated palm oil company, operating in 13 countries. From plantations, to mills, refineries, kernel-crushing plants, oleochemicals, and specialty fats plants, Musim Mas manufactures palm oil products and value-added derivatives. Musim Mas is one of the largest domestic producers and exporters in Indonesia. Inter-Continental Oils and Fats (ICOF), a member of Musim Mas Group, undertakes global marketing activities.

The Group is committed to sustainability and was the first company with significant operations in Indonesia to join the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2004. Committed early to emissions reductions, Musim Mas is a signatory to the Agriculture Sector Roadmap to 1.5 Degrees convened by the Tropical Forest Alliance. The roadmap aims to halt commodity-linked deforestation in line with the 1.5-degree pathway while enhancing the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and supporting the sector’s transformation toward forest-positive land-use management. In January 2024, Musim Mas announced that it will strive to achieve net zero by 2050, aligning with climate science as per the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi). Musim Mas also manages the most extensive independent smallholder programs in Indonesia.

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