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California, 11 May 2021 – In order to bring quality and innovation closer to its partners, Musim Mas Group – one of the largest integrated palm oil corporations in the world with operations spanning the entire value chain – has made its solutions available on Knowde, the world’s leading marketplace for ingredients, polymers, and chemistry.

With its new storefront on Knowde, Musim Mas Group offers a more intuitive 24/7 access to the company’s key brands for the food and nutrition, home and personal care, healthcare and pharma and agriculture and feed industries, including:

  • Vitrenol® natural Tocotrienol-rich fraction Vitamin E for functional food and drinks and anti-aging beauty creams;
  • MASEMUL® emulsifiers for bakery, confectionery, margarine, frozen desserts, and dairy applications;
  • MASBLEN® blended emulsifiers and stabilizers for beverage, dairy and frozen dessert products; and,
  • MASESTER® medium-chain triglycerides used in flavors and fragrances, nutrition, diet, health supplements, energy drinks, diet control, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.

“We’re leveraging a digital enabler that will make it easier for innovators looking for a sustainable and reliable partner with the ability to deliver quality for their products,” said John Hall, Managing Director, Global Business Oleochemicals at Musim Mas Group. “Our storefront on Knowde lets us offer the cutting-edge online buying experience that customers want, intuitively.”

Customers and potential buyers of Musim Mas solutions can search, learn, engage, sample, quote, and purchase all in one place with Knowde. Registration on Knowde is free for buyers and R&D professionals.

Knowde recently enhanced its powerful search capabilities with the introduction of new filters, features and tools. Additionally, KnowdeConcierge™ provides access to expert advice and insight on all manufacturer, brand and product pages, and ensures prompt replies to inquiries.

Each month, buyers conduct 295,000 searches and request nearly 6,000 samples and 1,200 quotes.

“A better online buying experience begins with greater transparency, higher levels of responsiveness, faster access to knowledge and the ability to collaborate more effectively with companies like Musim Mas Group,” said Ali Amin-Javaheri, co-founder and CEO of Knowde. “This is the value that Knowde provides to companies that want the technology to move online quickly and the tools to drive customer engagement.”

Knowde generates an average of one qualified sales lead every five minutes. Manufacturers interested in activating their storefront on Knowde can contact Dan Haas, Chief Commercial Officer, at

About Musim Mas Group

Headquartered in Singapore, Musim Mas Group is a fully integrated palm oil corporation that delivers the highest quality and innovative palm oil products and derivatives used across multiple industries worldwide. From managing plantations and mills to refining crude palm oil and manufacturing palm-based products, Musim Mas is one of the most prominent players in the palm oil industry, pursuing innovative and sustainable developments across the whole spectrum of the palm oil supply chain.

About Knowde

Located in Silicon Valley, Knowde is a digital marketplace built for chemistry. As Amazon, eBay and others have modernized and changed the way we research and buy products, so too is Knowde bringing this same revolutionary change to the world of ingredients, polymers and chemistry. For additional information about Knowde, visit

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