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Singapore – Musim Mas is pleased to announce that its plantations and trading divisions will join the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG), as an affirmation of the Group’s commitment to producing responsible Palm Oil that does not involve deforestation, Peatland clearance as well as violations of land and labour rights. Going forward, the Musim Mas Sustainability Policy will be updated to align with the POIG Charter.

Musim Mas is the first Southeast Asian palm oil major to join POIG and will also work together with the POIG members on developing a processing component to the POIG Charter. It brings its substantial Indonesian-based plantations, mills and refineries to POIG’s list of innovation-minded companies such as Agropalma (Brazil) and Daabon (Colombia), as well as NGOs Greenpeace, WWF, Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and Forest Peoples Programme (FPP).

As a POIG member, Musim Mas will implement and promote the formal requirements of the POIG Charter as well as abide by POIG’s terms of engagement. As a first step, the Group will align its Sustainability Policy to the POIG Charter. The Group will also undertake a labour risk assessment and third-party verification on the Charter requirements for its plantations and extend its commitments to its processing and trading facilities.

Dr Petra Meekers, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development, said: “We share POIG’s vision of creating innovations in the Palm Oil industry and advocating for these innovations as the business norms in producing responsible Palm Oil . POIG’s vision dovetails with our goal to create a credible Palm Oil supply chain.”

The Executive Chairman of the Musim Mas Group, added: “As an Indonesian pioneer member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), Musim Mas is pleased to join POIG and help to raise the bar in a way which supports the RSPO through building on RSPO standards and commitments, and demonstrating innovation in existing RSPO standards and additional critical issues.”

“The Palm Oil Innovation Group welcomes the commitment by Musim Mas to innovate and join the ranks of the most responsible Palm Oil companies.” says Matthias Diemer, the co-chair of the Palm Oil Innovation Group.

For more information, please contact:

Carolyn Lim
Corporate Communications
+65 6576 4770

About POIG
The Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) aims to support the RSPO through building on RSPO standards and commitments and by both demonstrating innovation to implement RSPO existing standards as well as with additional critical issues.

POIG focuses on three thematic areas of environmental responsibility, partnerships with communities, and corporate and product integrity.

POIG focuses on creating innovations in the Palm Oil industry and the promotion of these innovations.
POIG will demonstrate that by setting and implementing ambitious standards, the industry can, in particular, break the link between Palm Oil and deforestation, and human, land and labour rights violations.