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Farmsum, Netherlands – Musim Mas Europe Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Musim Mas Group, today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V. (“DGR”), a producer of refined and high quality Glycerine based in the Netherlands.

DGR was established in 2014 as a carve-out from methanol producer BioMCN. With over 200,000 mt Refining capacity, it is by far the largest crude Glycerine Refining unit on a single location in the world.  The plant site is located within the Delfzijl Chemical Park and has easy logistical access to major European end markets via road, rail, barge and sea.

Europe accounts for approximately 41% of the world’s crude Glycerine supply and also consumes 28% of the world’s refined Glycerine . As such, DGR is well positioned at the center of global Glycerine trade route. The applications of refined Glycerine and high quality Glycerine are wide, including for use in paint, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, industrials, home and personal care products.

“The acquisition is in line with the Musim Mas Group’s investment strategy of integration and synergy. It is an opportunity for us to further value add our downstream businesses to better serve our customers. Musim Mas has been doing business with Netherlands for the past three decades and this acquisition strengthens our long term partnership with the various stakeholder there,” said Executive Chairman of the Musim Mas Group.

For more information, please contact:

Carolyn Lim
Corporate Communications
+65 6576 4770