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Jakarta, Indonesia – Musim Mas Group leads the Palm Oil sector at the PROPER 2018 Awards Ceremony with 11 out of 18 Green PROPER Awards awarded by Ministry of Environment and Forestry on 27 December 2018.

The subsidiaries of Musim Mas Group that received the Green PROPER Award 2018 are PT Agrowiratama, PT Bahana Nusa Interindo, PT Berkat Sawit Sejati, PT Indomakmur Sawit Berjaya, PT Maju Aneka Sawit, PT Musim Mas PKS Batang Kulim, PT Musim Mas PKS Pangkalan Lesung, PT Sinar Agro Raya, PT Siringo Ringo, PT Sukajadi Sawit Mekar PKS SSM1 and PT Sukajadi Sawit Mekar PKS SSM2.

The PROPER Award, also known as Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Perusahaan dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup, is an assessment programme by the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry that aims to improve the environmental performance of businesses in Indonesia. It covers all industrial sectors, including oil and gas, manufacturing, food and beverages as well as Palm Oil.

The assessment criteria of the Green PROPER Award is based on environmental management system, energy efficiency, emissions and greenhouse gases reduction, water efficiency, reduction in hazardous wastes output, recycling of solid waste, biodiversity protection, and community development. The PROPER grading system consists of five levels: Gold, Green, Blue, Red and Black (in descending order).

“We are very pleased and honoured to have achieved the awards which are a testimony of the efforts of our entire organisation. The awards also communicate the value that the Ministry sees in our work on the sustainability front. We will continue to improve our sustainability performance and strive for higher standards,” said Lim Teong Kwee, Director of Strategy and Planning, PT Musim Mas.

Ir Ermin, Senior Manager of Group Corporate Affairs, PT Musim Mas collects one of our 11 awards from Siti Nurbaya Bakar, Minister of Environment and Forestry at the PROPER 2018 Awards Ceremony.

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