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Singapore – Musim Mas provided an update on its website on 9 August 2016 on PT Tunas Sawaerma’s announcement of a moratorium on land development. PT Tunas Sawaerma (TSE) has since published its new sustainability policy in October 2016. The policy covers the operations in Indonesia that is directly managed by TSE.

While Musim Mas views this policy as an important first step towards the path of sustainable production, the policy needs to address the stakeholders’ concerns in a comprehensive manner and involve a wider stakeholder consultation. Musim Mas is committed to engage Korindo Group and discuss a more encompassing work plan.

As of 10 November 2016, PT Tunas Sawaerma Group extended its moratorium and announced a full stop to further development for the Group involving PT. Tunas Sawaerma, PT. Berkat Cipta Abadi, and PT. Dongin Prabhawa.

Musim Mas welcomes the moratorium and encourages PT Tunas Sawaerma and the Korindo Group to engage a wider range of stakeholders, address overarching matters and commit to a transparent review of HCV and HCS process that will also adhere to international standards.

Musim Mas will continue to engage Korindo and encourage the group to adopt the initiatives required as part of a process towards transformation.

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