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Indonesia, 25 March 2022 – Musim Mas, one of the leading global palm oil companies, donated IDR 1.5 billion cash (around SGD $141,000) to the Government of Dumai towards the construction of the Dumai Islamic Center located in Dumai, Riau. The donation is part of PT Inti Benua Perkasatama’s ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, which aims to support and improve the lives of the local community.

Musim Mas Donates $141k for the Construction of Dumai Islamic Center

Dari kiri ke kanan: Yudha Pratama Putra (Kepala Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja kota Dumai), H. Paisal, SKM, MARS (Walikota Dumai), Yuandy (Musim Mas), dan Yunus (PT Inti Benua Perkasatama)

On 24 March 2022, the Manager of Corporate Affairs of Musim Mas, Yuandy, represented the Group and donated the funds directly to the Mayor of Dumai, H. Paisal, SKM, MARS. The donation was accompanied by the Corporate Affairs of PT Inti Benua Perkasatama, Yunus. The company is part of the Musim Mas group.

The Dumai Islamic Center will have a capacity for more than 500 people and be the center of Muslim community activities in the city. It will be equipped with amenities such as meeting halls and library facilities to provide a conducive environment for worship and other Islamic activities.

The contribution aligns with Musim Mas’ deepened commitment towards improving the livelihoods of smallholders, workers, and communities as laid out in its revised Sustainability Policy. With operations in Dumai, the Group will always be active in providing support to the locals and the Dumai Government. Just last month, Musim Mas donated $187k to renovate the Grand Mosque of Medan located in North Sumatra.


“I represent Musim Mas, donating IDR 1.5 billion in funds through a CSR program to the Mayor of Dumai, H. Paisal, SKM, MARS,” said Yuandy. “We hope that this contribution will assist in providing adequate and comfortable facilities for the Jama’ah (prayer congregation) who will worship and participate in religious activities at the Dumai Islamic Center. We’re also pleased to be involved in activities that benefit the communities we operate in, particularly the city of Dumai.”

“I’m very grateful and appreciate PT Inti Benua Perkasatama’s contribution and interest towards developing the region, especially for the construction of the Dumai Islamic Center,” said the Mayor of Dumai, H. Paisal, SKM, MARS. “We’ll immediately use these funds for the development. I hope PT Inti Benua Perkasatama can continue to give back to the region and local community and be an excellent example for other companies in Dumai.”

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