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By Devane Sharma

Understanding animal nutrition is essential to rear healthy and productive cows, sheep and goats. Amidst rising costs and price-sensitive consumers, dairy farmers must ensure their herd is healthy and productive. Musim Mas’ MaxiFat® range is designed to address that, providing the right mix of high-quality fats.

Why Are Fats Essential for Animal Nutrition?

Together with carbohydrates and proteins, fats make up an essential component of nutrition in the diet of mammals. Fats are made up of fatty acids and take two primary forms, unsaturated or saturated.

In addition to herd health, feed with the right fat intake can help improve energy supply and productivity, resulting in higher milk and butterfat productivity and improved fertility.

For dairy-producing cows, high-fat feed is necessary. However, not all fat for feed are equal. Some high-fat feeds in dry matter can damage the digestive tract or rumen. Therefore, Musim Mas’ MaxiFat® line features rumen-protected fat.

MaxiFat+® for a Broad Range of Farm Applications

Our MaxiFat® range of rumen-protected fats provides high-energy solutions to improve milk quality, butterfat content, body conditioning, and fertility. From 99% free fatty acids to balancing triglycerides, we offer a full suite of feeding solutions. MaxiFat® features high-quality C16 fatty acids tailored to meet the needs of our customers and their livestock.

Sustainably Sourced Fats

Having been part of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2004 and the first palm oil major to be verified by the more stringent standards of the Palm Oil Innovation Group in 2019, Musim Mas prides itself on sustainability. MaxiFat® is part of Musim Mas’ extensive portfolio of fat derivatives. Find out more about Musim Mas’ sustainability efforts.