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The array of ice cream tubs, ready-to-drink beverages, and confectionaries that come in various flavors and product forms are a convenience we’ve come to expect at the grocery stores and supermarkets around us.

For these products to have the stability, mouthfeel and other properties that make them desirable, a variety of fat derivatives known as functional blends are used in their production.

Musim Mas’ industry-leading functional blend range, MASBLEN®, is made from our quality emulsifiers and stabilizers, and custom mixed for the precise application by food and beverage producers.

Here’s a flowchart on how this process works.

Musim Mas’ customized blends serve as functional systems that help our customers shorten their product development cycles, while creating great tasting products for their market needs. MASBLEN® is targeted at beverage, dairy, and frozen desserts market segments.

Our product development team tailor-makes customer specific blends for their unique requirements. For more information, drop us a Product Enquiry or email us at