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By Devane Sharma

The cakes, cookies pastries, beverages we find in the stores around us are a convenience we’ve come to expect as the shelves fill with increasingly sophisticated flavors and varieties. These include the likes of matcha green tea ready-to-drive beverages to cookies with an assortment of fillings.

For these products to be stable enough to make it from production to the consumer, specific fat derivatives are needed. Here are four innovative functional blends from Musim Mas for cakes, cookies, beverages and pastries that help food producers innovate.

Soft, Fluffy Cakes that Stay Moist Longer – MASEMUL® EF 25

Some of the key challenges in cake-making start right when you get the ingredients together. Instead of a nice thick batter, one might end up with a thin and flowy texture. It may not seem like all hope is lost but after a nerve-wrecking wait while it bakes, the cake might come out dense and hard, dry, and without the fluffy volume that makes it visually appealing.

These is exactly what our new MASEMUL® EF 25 range is designed to address for the cake industry. MASEMUL® EF 25 is incorporated into cake recipes to improve batter handling and overall cake quality. A robust formulation, one does not require additional emulsifier blends to be added with its use for high-ratio cakes such as pound cakes. Its effectiveness can be seen in the batter strength it provides which is ideal for industrial scale cake production. Thereafter, it improves aeration and volume retention, improving oven spring and providing more volume.

To formulate low-fat desserts, MASEMUL® EF 25 holds a significant advantage in that it can be used with less shortening or oils with no loss of volume or softness.

Additionally, MASEMUL® EF 25 significantly improves softness and moisture retention throughout shelf life. It’s perfect for use in cakes, muffins, bar cakes, sponges, and swiss rolls.

With the use of MASEMUL® EF 25, cakes are consistently softer, fluffier, and retain moisture better


Cookies With a Wider Array of Fillings – MASEMUL EC® 5102

Filled-cookies unlock a range of possibilities to meet consumer demands for new flavors. However, they are tricky to remain stable over the course of oven baking.

Our MASEMUL EC® 5102 range is designed to meet this demand. It provides suitable viscosity for fillings that need to encrusted prior to baking. This helps the fillings retain a smooth and creamy texture, stay glossy and remain moist, even after baking. When bitten into, the fillings flow well consistently with a rounded smoothness on the palette.

MASEMUL EC® 5102 works well on chocolate and white bake-stable fillings but are not limited to that. Food producers can speak to our specialists on applications for new and innovative filling ideas.

Delightful glossy and flowy filled-cookies are the order of the day with MASEMUL EC® 5102


New Plant-Based and Flavored Beverage Ranges – MASBLEN® 5101, 5102

As vegan and plant-based diets continue to grow in popularity, consumers are demanding more of such dairy-alternative beverages. Innovating with new formulations in this area is challenging for producers. For example, the plant proteins used for a matcha green tea drink may be insoluble. Without the support of the right emulsifiers and stabilizers, the content would separate and possibly spoil by the time it makes it to the supermarket shelf.

MASBLEN® 5101 and 5102 are a unique combination of emulsifiers and stabilizers that area ideal for UHT dairy alternative beverages. It works for a range of beverages from UHT oat soymilk, to matcha soymilk fortified with calcium, and others.

From development to the supermarket shelf, it keeps the beverage stable even during high temperatures, reducing the tendency of creaming. For the consumer, it provides a desirable viscosity and mouthfeel, providing an irresistible full-bodies texture.

Consistent quality over the shelf life- MASBLEN® 5101 and 5102 enables stable plant-based beverages

Perfectly Layered Croissants and Pastries, Every time! – MASEMUL® EM 3003

Laminated pastries like croissant, Danish and puff pastry are staples in some cuisines but they are notoriously finicky to produce. These pastries should have a good amount of volume with a distinct layer of lamination and expansion as they’re pulled apart.

MASEMUL® EM 3003 provides a stable emulsion during margarine production and baking process, imparting a fine and stable water dispersion in margarine, improves plasticity during lamination process, and contributes to its volume.

One Ingredient, a Thousand Possibilities

Naturally trans-fat free and non-GMO, Musim Mas’ functional blends are designed for a wide range of applications that enable food producers to improve existing products and develop new ones.

For the right formulations, Musim Mas’ R&D application labs, the Novel IDEAS Centre, is built with partnerships in mind. Our dedicated team of product specialists are ready to assist in co-creating successful solutions.

Having been part of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2004 and the first palm oil major to be verified by the more stringent standards of the Palm Oil Innovation Group in 2019, Musim Mas prides itself on sustainability. Our functional blends are available with the right sustainability certifications for your market.

Other standards and certifications available include EU and FDA compliant, Halal, Kosher, trans-fat-free, non-allergenic and Project Verified non-GMO.

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