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January 2021 Mighty Earth RRR32 alleged PT Agro Muara Rupit (west estate) conducted deforestation covering 267 hectares between May – October 2020.

The report further mentioned that according to the HCSA website, assessments have been completed for PT Agro Muara Rupit (I&II, and III&IV estates), but they are not listed as either being peer reviewed or having completed the peer review process. Hence, it appears that SIPEF has gone ahead with new land development in PT Agro Muara Rupit without submitting the report for review and waiting for the final HCV-HCS areas to be determined.

February 2021 SIPEF have registered the case in their grievance dashboard and we have informed Mighty Earth.
March 2021 PT Agro Muara Rupit has completed peer review process and the result is available at HCSA website.

We have considered the case resolved.