Musim Mas
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November 2019
06 November 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR21 alleged that Sabhantara Rawi Sentosa (SRS) deforested 146 hectares of forest between 28 February – 25 October 2019.

We engaged with SRS as soon as the report was released. SRS was very cooperative and provided clarifications and the supporting evidence. The evidence was verified by Musim Mas.
SRS has provided us clarifications that SRS did not conduct deforestation of 146 ha in their own concession or in the cooperative’s concession (KKPA).

Based on our spatial analysis, it is confirmed that the land clearing was located outside the HGU of SRS’ concession (No. 220 – 221 Year 2016).

Based on the above clarification, we consider the Mighty Earth Report 21 case is resolved.