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In line with Musim Mas Sustainability Policy updated on September 2020, Musim Mas is committed to source all of its coconut raw materials from sustainable sources. Relevant to this commitment, by 2025 we are targeting to achieve the following key aspects of coconut oil (CNO) sustainable sourcing:

  1. Traceability: 100% of our coconut raw material sourcing is traceable
  2. Deforestation risk: we are committed to source from deforestation free areas in line with our cut-off date for palm oil (31 December 2015)
  3. Collective action: we aim to take part in driving sustainable coconut sourcing practices in our supply chain and beyond

Using our Risk Management Framework, we have identified our entire sourcing areas as low risk, meaning that the coconut raw material we purchase originates from supplysheds that are not located within conservation or protected areas, on peat, or in forests converted after our cut-off date, 31 December 2015.

During the next 3 years, we will continue to explore opportunities for expanding our efforts in sustainable coconut sourcing with our suppliers, partners, customers and other key stakeholders. To complement our ongoing efforts, we are committed to the following:

  1. In collaboration with supply chain partners, further improve transparency and traceability of the CNO supply chain
  2. Identify systemic and localized risks for both environmental and social issues (including human rights and livelihoods)
  3. Develop interventions (including through pre-competitive collaboration) to address risks and needs in smallholder production, building on our experience of smallholder support in the palm oil sector where appropriate
  4. Participate in jurisdictional level initiatives in coconut producing areas