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Why is South Sumatra so important to Us?

Musi Banyuasin (MUBA) regency has one of the highest numbers of supplier mills in our supply base. MUBA is the province’s second-largest district and its largest palm oil producer.

Although deforestation in MUBA has been severe, many forests remain (160,000 hectares). This includes three protected areas covering 75,000 hectares that protect important tiger habitats, including the Sembilang-Dangku landscape.

MUBA offers a unique combination of supportive local government, numerous progressive companies, and multiple landscape initiatives that create a rare platform for change. The regency is the first to work towards RSPO Jurisdictional Certification.

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What is Being Done in South Sumatra?

We implemented our ‘Train the Smallholders’ program for the independent smallholders in the supply chain of one of our suppliers’ mills, PT Bastian Olah Sawit (PT BOS), to assist them in improving their productivity through the implementation of good agricultural practices. PT BOS belongs to one of the supplier groups prioritized for engagement.