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What is PROPER?

PROPER is an initiative by Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry to improve the environmental performance of companies in Indonesia. Companies are assessed for their processes in lifecycle assessment, energy efficiency, emission reduction, water efficiency, wastewater load reduction, reduction of hazardous and toxic wastes, reduction and utilization of non-hazardous and toxic wastes, biodiversity protection, community empowerment, and disaster responses.

Our PROPER Achievements

In December 2023, 11 mills under Musim Mas Group was awarded Green PROPER Awards. Additionaly, the Group achieved nine Blue PROPER awards distributed among two mills and seven plantations. The PROPER Awards is a five-color-coded assessment rating scheme – Gold, Green, Blue, Red, and Black – representing the environmental performance of participating companies, with Gold and Green recognizing those that surpass legal requirements with exemplary best practices and Black indicating the lowest level of performance.