Musim Mas
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Musim Mas - KIM 2, North Sumatra

Location: KIM II, North Sumatra
Address: Jl. Oleo Kawasan Industri Medan II, Saentis Percut Sei Tuan, Deli Serdang, Medan, Sumatera, Utara, Indonesia.
Product type: Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
Period: April to June 2023


Oct - Dec 2023
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Jul - Sept 2023
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Apr - Jun 2023
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Jan - Mar 2023
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Supplying mills based on region – Crude Palm Oil (CPO) 

Region Number of Mills
Aceh 9
North Sumatra 23
Total 32

Supplier Traceability to Mill

Traceable (%) CPO PK
Traceable to mill¹ 100.00% n.a
Unknown³ 0.00% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a

Supplier Traceability to Plantation

Traceable (%) CPO PK
Traceable to plantation² 99.40% n.a
Unknown³ 0.60% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a

Supplier Information

Number of Unit CPO PK
Musim Mas mill 0 n.a
Third-party mill (Direct) 31 n.a
Third-party mill (Indirect) 0 n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜ 1 n.a
Othersˆ 0 n.a
Total 32 n.a
Supply Volume (%) CPO PK
Musim Mas mill 0.00% n.a
Third-party mill (Direct) 62.67% n.a
Third-party mill (Indirect) 0.00% n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜ 37.33% n.a
Othersˆ 0.00% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a
RSPO-certified Unit CPO PK
2 n.a

a. Traceable to mill¹ refers to traceability to the mill/ Crude Palm Oil (CPO) / Palm Kernel (PK) level.

b. Traceable to Plantation² refers to traceability to mill and then to the source Plantation /CPO/PK and Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) levels.

c. Third Party mill (Direct): Direct mill listed represent mills supplied to Musim Mas refinery directly

d. Third Party Mill (Indirect): Indirect mill listed represent mills supplied to Musim Mas’ third party refinery, traders etc

e. Unknown³ refers to oil that is either not traceable to known plantations or that the data on the origin of the oil is insufficient.

f. Processing units˜ refer to refinery and/or Kernel Crushing plant, etc.

g. Othersˆ refer to facilities such as refineries, bulk storage facilities and traders.

h. Please refer to our terms and conditions on the use of the data in this document.

List of Suppliers

Musim Mas Own Mill

No Parent company Mill CPO PK Latitude Longitude UML ID

Third Party Mill (Direct)

No Parent company Mill CPO PK Latitude Longitude UML ID
1 Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk Grahadura Leidong Prima x 2.584601 99.784977 PO1000004217
2 Bakrie Sumatera Plantations Tbk Kisaran Palm Oil Mill x 3.039972 99.585000 PO1000000184
3 CV Sinar Tenera Sinar Tenera x 3.070167 99.204489 PO1000004940
4 Djaja Putra Indonesia Djaja Putra Indonesia x 2.678333 99.427611 PO1000004275
5 Ensem Ensem Lestari x 2.456667 98.066167 PO1000008193
6 Ensem Ensem Lestari Jaya x 4.036194 96.481889 PO1000010262
7 Ensem Perusahaan Perkebunan, Industri & Dagang Kwala Gunung x 3.164084 99.481581 PO1000004285
8 Mitra Agung Sawita Sejati Mitra Agung Sawita Sejati x 3.296392 99.305017 PO1000004288
9 Mopoli Raya Gedong Biara x 4.290579 98.152277 PO1000004570
10 PT Agra Bumi Niaga Agra Bumi Niaga x 4.575720 97.619070 PO1000010250
11 PT Amal Tani Tanjung Putri x 3.588218 98.305499 PO1000004295
12 PT Beurata Subur Persada Beurata Subur Persada x 4.125333 96.341250 PO1000004303
13 PT Bumi Daya Agrotamas Bumi Daya Agrotamas x 2.582222 97.854167 PO1000008583
14 PT Cipta Chemical Medan Oil Cipta Chemical Medan Oil x 3.854211 98.344353 PO1000004546
15 PT Ika Bina Agro Wisesa Ika Bina Agro Wisesa x 5.132970 97.090860 PO1000010793
16 PT Inti Mitra Sawit Lestari Inti Mitra Sawit Lestari x 4.055962 98.128211 PO1000014294
17 PT Karya Hevea Indonesia Karya Hevea Indonesia x 3.368778 99.019275 PO1000010805
18 PT Karya Mitra Andalan Karya Mitra Andalan x 2.784570 99.618190 PO1000004126
19 PT Karya Pratama Niaga Jaya Karya Pratama Niaga Jaya x 3.317834 99.313676 PO1000004289
20 PT Langkat Makmur Jaya Sawita Langkat Makmur Jaya Sawita x 3.877900 98.340547 PO1000011552
21 PT Megah Pusaka Andalas Megah Pusaka Andalas x 3.650833 98.151375 PO1000004297
22 PT Nauli Sawit Nauli Sawit x 2.084092 98.312444 PO1000005145
23 PT Sawit Permai Abadi Sawit Permai Abadi x 3.654044 98.431083 PO1000004522
24 PT Serdang Hulu Serdang Hulu x 3.348406 98.493987 PO1000004332
25 PT Seuramoe Agro Persada Seuramoe Agro Persada x 4.942263 97.408503 PO1000014290
26 PT Sinar Langkat Perkasa Sinar Langkat Perkasa x 3.620806 98.401528 PO1000004296
27 PT Sumber Sawit Jaya Lestari Sumber Sawit Jaya Lestari x 2.761536 99.958281 PO1000004240
28 PT Syaukath Agro Syaukath Agro x 4.575389 95.705000 PO1000008584
29 PT Tales Inti Sawit Tales Inti Sawit x 3.327275 98.764291 PO1000004321
30 PT Varem Sawit Cemerlang Varem Sawit Cemerlang x 2.666277 99.667644 PO1000007529
31 Trinity Interlink Bina Rahmad Madani x 3.932245 98.178011 PO1000004841

Third Party Mill (Indirect)

No Parent company Mill CPO PK Latitude Longitude UML ID

Musim Mas Proccesing Unit (Refinery, KCPs)

No Parent company Processing Unit CPO PK Latitude Longitude
1 Musim Mas Musim Mas-Belawan X 3.782778 98.69839

Third Party Proccesing Unit (Refinery, KCPs)

No Parent company Processing Unit CPO PK Latitude Longitude