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November 2016 28 November 2016:

Foresthints article titled, “Top officials investigate extent of Palm Oil company’s Peatland violations”. The article mentioned that Dinamika Graha Sarana (DGS), a subsidiary of Tunas Baru Lampung Tbk has continued to develop new canals and performed new planting in areas targeted for restoration by Indonesia’s Peat Restoration Agency (BRG).

December 2016 19 December 2016:

Chain Reaction Research Article “Tunas Baru Lampung TBK” highlighted several issues.

  • Under-declared planted area size in its 2015 ACOP
  • New development without fulfilling RSPO NPP
  • Deforestation by subsidiary, PT Solusi Jaya Perkasa (SJP) in West Kalimantan
  • New land development by subsidiary, PT Dinamika Graha Sarana (PT DGS) in areas targeted for restoration by the Indonesia’s Peat Restoration Agency

TBL met the Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan (KLHK) (Ministry of Environment and Forestry) on the issue of peat clearance in Jakarta.

January 2017
We engaged with TBL regarding the allegations mentioned in the Chain Reaction Research Report. We applied ‘controlled purchase’ on TBL’s mills in South Sumatera.
TBL clarified to Musim Mas that they have a sustainability policy in place since Jan 2015 and have not used burning to clear the said land.

TBL further confirmed that all necessary legal permits and licenses were obtained in accordance with the Plantation laws, leading to the renewal of the concession permit.

July 2018 Our last purchase was in July 2018.