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Date Progress
May 2017 Rainforest Foundation Norway and Aidenvironment report titled, “Nordic investments in banks financing Indonesian Palm Oil”. The report alleged peatland clearance by Bumi Perkasa Gemilang (BPG).
March 2018
Chain Reaction Research article titled, “Tunas Baru Lampung: Contested land and peat clearing could drive substantial value loss” which alleged BPG of deforesting and converting peat.
TBL issued a statement refuting the allegations in the Chain Reaction Research article, stating that the article contains inaccuracies.
April 2018
The management team clarified on the points raised in the Chain Reaction Research report, as reflected in the statement published in March 2018.
July 2018 Our last purchase was in July 2018.
August 2018 TBL admitted to clearing peat land in PT SJP and PT Bumi Perkasa Gemilang until end-2016.