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July 2019

18 July 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR17 alleged that 167 hectares of forest were prepared for clearance in Putra Katingan Pratama (PKP), part of the Kirana Megatara Group, between 22 September 2018 – 05 July 2019.

The report further alleged supply linkages between Kirana Megatara and TAP subsidiaries.

Musim Mas has no business relations with Kirana Megatara Group and Putra Katingan Pratama.

However, as we have trade relations with TAP, we reached out to them to clarify the business relations between Putra Katingan Pratama and TAP as highlighted in the Mighty Earth Report 17.

August 2019 We had a physical meeting with TAP on 08 August 2019. TAP clarified that Putra Katingan Pratama (PKP) is a rubber plantation. TAP informed us that it does not have any business relations with Putra Katingan Pratama, and that TAP and PKP are two separate business entities.

Based on the above statement, we consider the Mighty Earth Report 17 is resolved.