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August 2019
12 August 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR18 alleged that TH Plantations’ subsidiary, TH Pelata Meludam Sdn Bhd developed 04 hectares of peat between 20 April – 01 August 2019.

We clarified the allegations of peat development mentioned in the report with TH Plantations through an official letter.

TH Plantations responded that the land-clearing is not within their estate and is located outside TH Pelata Meludam Sdn Bhd’s concessions. TH Plantations have also provided supporting evidence via satellite imagery to corroborate their statement.

We have verified the evidence provided and confirmed that the land-clearing falls outside their concessions.

Given the verification result, we consider the report against TH Pelata Meludam Sdn Bhd raised on Mighty Earth RRR 18 to be closed.