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April 2019 12 April 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR14 alleged development of 161 hectares of peat forest and 465 hectares of clearance preparation in Hydroflow Sdn Bhd concession between 11 January – 06 March 2019.

We reached out to TH Plantations to clarify on the allegations of peat development and clearance preparation.

May 2019 TH Plantations has verified the allegations and confirmed that the contended area is outside of Hydroflow’s concession boundaries. They believe it belongs to a neighbouring estate and that Mighty Earth has mistakenly tagged it as part of Hydroflow’s concession.

To further validate their statement, TH Plantations has confirmed they have issued a stop-work order on Hydroflow since September 2018. Since then, no heavy machinery has been placed within the estates and no funds have been channelled to them for any further development.