Syaukath Sejahtera

1) Rainforest Action Network (RAN) report titled: “Royal Golden Eagle Group Links Global Brands and Financiers to Deforestation In the Leuser Ecosystem” (21 September 2020)

(1a) RAN highlighted PT Tualang Raya (PT TR) for clearing at least 60 hectares of lowland rainforest inside the Leuser Ecosystem over the past six months in 2020.

(1b) According to RAN’s field investigation, the Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) from PT Tualang Raya was harvested and transported to a mill operated by PT Syaukath Sejahtera (PT SS).

September 2020
Musim Mas reached out to PT SS to verify the issues reported by RAN.

October 2020
PT SS informed that after receiving the report by RAN, PT SS immediately stopped the FFB purchase from PT TR. PT SS confirmed to us in writing that they have stopped purchasing FFB from PT TR since 23 September 2020.

PT SS stated that they are committed to not sourcing any FFB originating from areas resulting from deforestation, peatland development and/or use of fire.

Musim Mas will continue to monitor PT SS supply chain to ensure there is no FFB sourced from NDPE non-compliant grower.

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