Sumber Tani Agung (STA)

Sumber Tani Agung (STA) is a privately-owned Palm Oil company engaged in the processing of CPO, headquartered in Medan, Indonesia.

1) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 1” (17 November 2017).

2) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 17” (18 July 2019).

(1) Purchase of Fresh Fruit Bunches by PT Tantahan Panduhup Asi (PT TPA) from PT Kahayan Agro Plantation (PT KAP) which has alleged deforestation and social conflict issues. Refer to case notes on PT KAP here.

(2) The report alleged that PT TPA was deforesting 70 ha of forest and prepared another 7 ha for clearance between 20 March – 29 June 2019.

November 2017
We sent an email to STA to express concern related to the mention of STA’s purported purchase of FFBs from PT KAP. We will be following up accordingly with STA on this.

February 2018
We engaged with the management team of STA on the sustainability issues and the allegations raised in the report.

July 2019
We reached out to the management of STA to clarify on the allegations.

February 2018
STA confirmed the following:

(i) They have a ‘stop work order’ since 30 November 2017.
(ii) They are legally in compliance with relevant plantations laws.
(iii) They are undertaking a HCS/HCV study.
(iv) Further action will be based on the outcome of the HCS/HCV reports.
(v) They clarified that PT Tantahan Panduhup Asi has never bought any FFB from PT Kahayan Agro Plantation .

July 2019
STA responded that they have conducted the map overlaying analysis, and based on the results, the coordinates of deforestation fall outside PT TPA’s izin lokasi (location permit).

Musim Mas has internally verified the izin lokasi (location permit) map and confirmed that the coordinates fall outside the izin lokasi (location permit).

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