Musim Mas
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Date Progress
August 2020 Mighty Earth RRR30 alleged that PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd had been clearing a total of 101 hectares of forest in their concession between 11 February 2019 and 20 May 2020. PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd was identified as a subsidiary of LKPP Corporation Sdn Bhd, a supplier to Musim Mas.
Contact was made with LKPP Corporation Sdn Bhd (LKPP), which is mentioned to be linked to PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd (PKPP). LKPP advised to contact PKPP directly for clarification.  We then reached out directly to PKPP.
September 2020 PKPP acknowledged the issue raised in Mighty Earth RRR 30, and expressed its intention to remedy this deforestation.
November 2020 PKPP informed us that the land development on Sungai Charu has ended earlier in the year. PKPP have decided to conserve a part of their plantable land bank covering 529.1 ha. We are encouraged by this decision, and are reviewing their plans.

PKPP have also launched a group wide NDPE Policy. See PKPP Group NDPE Policy here.